Alley Cat “sCATtenger Hunt”

Find them if you can!

There are twelve hand painted cats hidden in various spots throughout downtown Seneca.

sCATtenger hunt catsThe felines are a nod to the creatures responsible for Seneca’s most famous street “Ram Cat Alley” that got the name when dozens of stray cats roamed the area scrounging for food.

This outdoor art instillation was made possible with funding from TEN at the TOP and Hughes Investments.

The grant enabled Blue Ridge Arts Center to liven things up with a partnership between the Hamilton Career Center and local artists.  Welding students from HCC laser cut cat shapes out of steel.  Blue Ridge Arts Center selected artists to paint the cats as they saw fit and had them placed around town.

The “sCATtered” locations change regularly so people are left guessing: Where will they turn up next?

These Cat Sponsors help keep the cats moving:

  • Ann Cramer
  • City of Seneca
  • CatBus
  • Lighthouse Restaurant

Click here for digital brochure and map of the search area.


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