When the temperature begins to cool, apple picking is the perfect autumn family activity.  It’s a chance to spend time in the country, get a light workout, and enjoy eating super fresh fruit!

Long Creek Roadside Markets and U-Pick Orchards:

ABLES ORCHARD Hwy. 76 near Long Creek 864-647-2201
Apples, peaches
July 15 through early November

BLUE HAVEN ORCHARDS Hwy. 76 near Volunteer Fire Dept. Long Creek 864-647-8070
Apples, peaches, canned goods, homemade sweets
March to mid-December
Will ship apples

BRYSON’S U-PICK 1011 Chattooga Ridge Rd., Mountain Rest 864-647-9427
Apples & Peaches  
Pressed Cider, Jams & Jellies, honey from their bees, sorghum syrup and seasonal vegetables 
U-Pick or They-Ppicked
August 1 – November 15  9

CHATTOOGA BELLE FARM  454 Damascus Church Rd., Long Creek 864-647-9768
Chattooga Belle Farm is a 138-acre working farm and event venue set among a spectacular canvas of rolling hills and mountain views. U-Pick or They-Picked
Fruit, jams, wines, farm raised angus beef and specialty items
The Farm Store is open daily from 9-5
Belle’s Bistro serves lunch from ll:00am – 2:00pm, Tuesday thru Sunday

GNAT HILL ORCHARD Wall Spring Rd. just off Hwy. 76, Long Creek 864-723-2410
Apples, Blueberries, Peaches, Pecans and vegetables
June through mid-November

HOLLIFIELD’S ORCHARD Hwy. 76 near Long Creek General Store 864-638-3695
4th generation apple grower
Wide variety of apples, apple cider, peaches, homemade apple butter, apple cider vinegar, chow chow, relish, and honey


Our tips:

  • Call first to confirm hours and make sure they have apples ready for harvest
  • If picking your own, apples on the outside of the tree ripen first, so be sure to look for those
  • When picking an apple, roll the apple upwards and twist a little
  • If possible leave the stem on as it keeps the apples fresh longer
  • Place apples gently in bag or basket to prevent bruising
  • Wash apples just before eating to prevent them from spoiling
  • Keep apples cool; store in a basement or in the fruit/vegetable drawer of your fridge
  • Place a wet towel nearby to create humidity to keep apples from shriveling
  • Avoid getting apples wet for longer storage
  • Don’t store apples with potatoes, if you do they’ll spoil faster



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