Romance in Salem, SC

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photo of girl on a log and dog

Take It Easy in Mountain Rest

Visit Mountain Rest, SC to get away from your everyday and surround yourself with forest wonders!
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Jocassee Gorges: Destination of a Lifetime!

Nearly a decade after Jocassee Gorges was named a “Destination of a Lifetime” by National Geographic, this area remains worthy of distinction and offers nature lovers a spectacular place to visit!
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aerial view pontoon boat, SUP on Lake Jocassee

Meet the Upstate Outdoor Adventurer

Casey Shoub is an outdoor adventure photographer & videographer specializing in premier aerial drone work.  He is known to many as the “Upstate Outdoor Adventurer”.
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photo of Chattooga River by Casey Shoub

Getaway to Long Creek, SC

This rural place is home to one of Oconee’s most special places-The Chattooga River! Visit Long Creek for easy going adventure and quality time together.
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Fall on Lake Jocassee

Peace. Reflections from one of our tourism partners, Kay Wade, on what Lake Jocassee offers this time of year.
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image of Tom Mullikin at SC 7 Expedition kickoff event

South Carolina 7 Expedition

Tom Mullikin sets off on an inaugural expedition to raise awareness of floodwater prevention and resiliency across South Carolina.
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image of tornado damage

Seneca Tornado Relief

Oconee community rallies to support Seneca tornado survivors. Shaver Complex open as donation headquarters thru May 8th.
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Earth Day Everyday

Tornados are crazy, unpredictable weather events that prove Mother Nature can not be controlled by humans.
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Meeting Magic

Just for fun…Picture yourself visiting Oconee and show off how snazzy you are during your next virtual meeting.
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Virtual Visits

Suggestions to help clear your mind, keep your sanity, and feel normal for awhile if you’re visiting during social distancing
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Oconee’s National Forest

There are 80,000 acres of National Forest in Oconee County, SC. We encourage you to hike, bike or boat to find them!
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