Foothills Trail Interactive Map

Foothills Trail Interactive Map

The Foothills Trail stretches from its western terminus in Oconee State Park (Oconee County, SC) and extends north for 77 miles to Table Rock State Park (Pickens County, SC).

In the fall of 2020, hiking enthusiast, Andrew Gleason, thru-hiked the entire Foothills Trail for the purpose of obtaining GPS locations along the way.  He spent months compiling the data and created a user-friendly google map to help other hikers plan the best route for their journey.

screenshot image of the Foothills Trail interactive map
Screenshot of the Interactive Foothills Trail Map

The fact that it’s “interactive” means users can select the features they want to see at various points along the trail including:

  • Trail access points
  • Water sources
  • Waypoints
  • Cell service areas
  • Color coded campsites
    • DARK GREEN are designated campsites
    • LIGHT GREEN are good campsites close to water
    • ORANGE are dry campsites, no water nearby
    • BLACK are located in a no camping zones

The Foothills Trail Interactive Map is a great tool for trip planning

Bonus: It’s free!  Thank you, Andrew Gleason ????

screenshot image of video about Foothills Trail Interactive Map
The map creator published this YouTube video describing the interactive features.


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  1. This is an amazing resource, thanks! Can I assume that campsites are “legal” and not on private property or otherwise in a “no camping” area? I just wanted to be sure. I’m hiking from Table Rock southwards and I know you can’t camp trailside within TRSP.

  2. Thanks for this great work. Is there anyway to get this in a KMZ file so it can be put in Google Earth? Thanks!

    1. Hi Shawn. That’s a question for Andrew Gleason, he created the map. I believe you can find his contact on the Interactive Foothills Trail google map.

  3. What a wonderful resources. Thank you Andrew for taking the painstaking hours to do this. So very much appreciated

    1. That’s a question for Andrew Gleason, he created the map. I believe you can find his contact on the Interactive Foothills Trail google map.

    1. Hi Mitchell,

      I reached out to the map’s creator, and this is what he said: “No, the map files cannot be downloaded. Soon it will be available on the FarOut app and all proceeds go directly to the Foothills Trail Conservancy. The free version will still be online for people to plan their hikes. The FarOut app will have an exact copy of the interactive map and will work off line.”
      Andrew Gleason
      Foothills Trail Conservancy Chairman

  4. The interactive map provided by Mr. Gleason is professionally done and quite useful. I plan to use this on my late April thru hike. I might add that this trail is also present on Gaia, but lacks the amenity and points of interest waypoints.

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