Mini Golf Oconee Oasis

This putt-putt course is an oasis with elaborate water garden and koi ponds

Miniature golf is back!  The Oasis Ranch might not sound like your typical putt-putt place, and it’s not!  This lushly landscaped course will make you think you’re on a tropical vacation, but it’s actually in Seneca, SC (not far from Clemson University). Check it out!

photo from the oasis ranch website of course
Photo credit The Oasis Ranch website

Built by John Woodruff, this course was a labor of love and took seven years to build.  It’s obvious a lot of time, energy and engineering brain power went it designing the entire facility.

This 18-hole mini golf course winds through shaded gardens, koi ponds and has water features that will amaze the senses!  Much of the architecture seems inspired and reminiscent of the Flintstones.  This is where you might expect Fred & Wilma to take Pebbles for an afternoon adventure.

The course is family friendly and much of the site is wheelchair accessible.  There are plenty of ledges and rock walls conducive to sitting if you have to wait for players to finish a hole before your group can start.  Most of the course is shaded by large established trees and overhead structures.  There is so much to see and experience throughout the course. Every hole is unique and challenging in a good way.  All ages will get a thrill playing a round of mini golf here!


It’s Neat at Night

photo of the oasis ranch at night
Photo credit The Oasis Ranch website.

Come with friends or enjoy date night with a round of golf when the sun goes down.  Lights throughout the course create an out-of-this-world atmosphere which makes each hole fun and exciting.

Great for Parties

The staff of Oconee County Parks, Recreation and Tourism held the annual holiday party at The Oasis Ranch.  We reserved the large party room and enjoyed the ambiance inside and out!

image of John Woodruff, owner of The Oasis Ranch
Click to view video of John Woodruff telling us about the course.

More holes coming soon…

John Woodruff is working on a second course with 18 additional holes.

Once construction is complete, there will be 36 mini golf holes to play at The Oasis Ranch.




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