New additions to the Oconee Mural Trail

Series of 12 murals located at Norton Thompson Park in Seneca.

The Ram Cat Alley CAT murals are based on the book Seneca Cats on the Alley, which was written by Jane Fulton and illustrated by Donna Juras, published in 2016.  The book was written to bring to life the 12 metal cats that are sCATtered around the downtown area of Seneca.  These cats were painted by 12 local artists and are moved to various locations around the city several times a year.

Jane wrote clever poems about each of the 12 cats and included history about the city of Seneca.  Donna then brought the cats to life on each page using 12 different art mediums.

Murals have been painted and hung under a covered walkway in historic downtown.   They are 2-sided.  One side has the picture of the metal cat, and the other side has a picture from the book and the poem written by Jane.

Enjoy getting to know all of these charming, interesting, and historic cats as you stroll through Norton Thompson Park.

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