Stumphouse Mountain Bike Park

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Trail FAQs

What is Stumphouse Mountain Bike Park?

It is a system of 10 miles of multi-use biking (and hiking) trails the public can access within Stumphouse Park.

In 2023, Phase 3 will begin where another 10 miles of trail will be added, along with a pump track and dual slalom course.

What types of natural characteristics and obstacles does the trail offer for mountain biking?

The trails offer mountain bikers challenging, skills-based progression opportunities on public land within Sumter National Forest.

The trails were built for riders who seek adventure and opportunities for developing their mountain biking skills.  Environmentally sustainable design and construction was the goal.

mountain bike rider going over rocks
Photo credit Trey Barnett

The trails were built with super elevated earthen (bermed) turns, numerous styles of earthen jumps (table tops, gap jumps) and various rolling grade dips that provide a range of riding experiences.

“B” Line (side trails off the main trail) have been constructed that lead to natural elements (such as boulder fields), and provide expert level riding as well as skill progression opportunities.

Rock features, which provide a texturized trail tread, add variety to the overall user experience. Rock was incorporated in creek crossings as hardening, and provides a “splash effect” that riders enjoy.

Rock was incorporated within some bermed turns on the “B” Line trail, but there are bypass trails around these for riders who prefer to skip these advanced elements.

Wooden bridges have been incorporated where appropriate along the trail.

The trails at Stumphouse Mountain Bike Park are considered to be highly flowy, and offer a “more technical the better” experience for riders.

Who is responsible for the trails?

Part-time City of Walhalla employees maintain the common grounds in the parking and picnic areas, but volunteers are needed to help maintain the trails.

To volunteer, contact Palmetto Conservation, Upstate SORBA, or Oconee Hiking Club.

map of Stumphouse Mountain Bike Park Phase 2 expansion

Trail Usage:

mountain bike rider looking at directional sign
Photo credit Trey Barnett

Everyone using the trails is asked to follow the principles of Leave No Trace—that is, leave only footprints and tire tracks, and take only pictures.

Cyclists are asked not to ride when the trails are wet.

The trails are multipurpose: meaning bikers and hikers are cautioned to follow trail directional signs and posted protocol for right of way.

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stump house park phase 2

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