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Jazz On The Alley is a party atmosphere where people dance, mingle, and stroll down the streets listening to live music performed by touring musicians.

photo of ladies dancing at Jazz on the Alley

On Thursday evenings, from 7-9PM, you can experience this free family-friendly outdoor concert. Each week there’s a featured band or musician performing crowd favorites that get young and old dancing in the streets!

The 2022 season kicks off on March 31st and runs through October.

Jazz on the Alley takes place in the historic downtown section of Seneca. Two roads, Ram Cat Alley and North Townville Street are blocked from vehicle traffic. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of parking on side streets or in Norton Thompson Park, which is right near the action.

Come for Dinner and Drinks

You’ll find restaurants, breweries, food trucks, and beverage vendors onsite and open for business. The City of Seneca sets up tables and chairs, which allows people to enjoy their food and drinks outside. It’s a bustling scene where being outdoors and enjoying the charming downtown is a breath of fresh air.

Note: Some nights, the tables stay full, so we suggest bringing your own chairs to make sure you have a seat.





Jazz on the Alley photos from Seneca SC Events Facebook page




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Linda S
Linda S
1 year ago

Went last night for the first time (5-13-2021). It was fantastic! It felt very freeing to go outside and enjoy food and music! This is now our Thursday night special!

Diane Mark
Diane Mark
2 months ago

My first time there were last year I so enjoyed it will be there this year.I didn’t know about it till last year. Love everything about it I don’t drink it’s a good place to be around people some my kins people be there

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