Destination: Oconee Station

History + Waterfall Hike = Educational Exploration!

You can make this a two-fer adventure by exploring Oconee Station and hiking to Station Cove Falls. If you’re really adventurous, you could continue on the Oconee Connector trail all the way to Oconee State Park!

Oconee Station

This is the site of an old trading post and military barracks. Oconee Station was an outpost used by the SC State Militia from 1792-1799. All that remains today is a stone blockhouse and the William Richards House. It’s possible to tour inside the buildings on Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-5:00 pm.

Beyond the park’s historic significance, you’ll find a fishing pond and nature trails through Sumter National Forest.

From Oconee Station, you can hike 1.5 miles through the shady forest and reach a magnificent waterfall!

Station Cove Falls

Travel Tips

  • Oconee Station State Historic Site is managed by South Carolina State Park Service.
  • Park admission is free.
  • The park gate closes at 6 pm.
  • A fishing pond is close to the historic buildings.
  • Bring your pole if you’d like to fish for bluegill and largemouth bass.
  • The trailhead for Station Cove Falls is on the left side of the road, past the entrance to Oconee Station.
  • You can park at either Oconee Station or along the road near the trailhead.
  • It takes approximately 30 minutes to hike to Station Cove Falls from the roadside kiosk.
  • The Oconee Connector Trail, a.k.a. Oconee Passage, is 4 miles long and joins Oconee Station with Oconee State Park.
  • The trail to Station Cove Falls is part of the Oconee Passage portion of the Palmetto Trail.

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