As the name of our organization implies: We want you to Visit Oconee SC!

Our purpose is to bring visitors to the area to experience the wonderful waterfalls and natural sites located within Oconee County, SC. While here, we want people to eat in our restaurants, stay the night and support our local businesses.

People are getting the message and visiting the area like never before!

Most visitors are coming from cities and urban areas.  They’re coming to experience the great outdoors in Oconee County.  They find we have limited sprawl, less traffic and fewer people in general.  Another thing we have less of is concrete, infrastructure and cell service…at least compared to what they might be used to.

We want to give visitors helpful information to ensure you have a safe and wonderful experience!

Photo credit @jtprochaska

Hiking here is awesome because you’re on trails in the forest that are shady and cool no matter how hot the temperature gets. It’s exhilarating and refreshing at the same time!

But keep in mind: We’re talking about forest hikes along dirt trails where the terrain is uneven.  The hikes require physical exertion and time to get to the intended destination.

There could be exposed tree roots, slippery conditions after it rains, crossings over streams or creeks where feet will get wet, and trails are often out of range for cell phone service.  (It may be hard to fathom, but there are numerous “dead zones” in our rural areas, including Mountain Rest and Long Creek, where you won’t have reception for the duration of your hike.)

Hiking Safety Tips

  • Check our hiking page to determine the activity level of the hike you plan to do.
  • Be prepared for where you’re headed, and realize it’s a “there and back” excursion.
  • Proper footwear is essential!  Flip flops and slip on shoes won’t cut it.
  • Check the weather – popup afternoon storms are very likely.
  • Wear proper attire and consider packing a rain jacket.
  • Pack water, snacks & medications. (Please pack out any and all trash.)
  • If hiking alone, tell friends or family where you’re going.
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged, and be aware you might not have reception in remote areas.
  • Stay on the path and be careful traipsing over rocks and roots.
  • Keep dogs on leash for their safety as well as those passing by. (Snakes and critters live in these woods!)


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9 days ago

Take a trail map! Don’t rely on phone gps, too many dead zones. Trail maps are available online. And take more water than you think you’ll need.

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